A Nossa Praia ... traveling around the world

Two heads with a lot of ideas and a huge will to invent created A Nossa Praia!

Influenced by the environment that surrounds us at each moment, we have decided to use our imagination and put it at the service of all interested people.


You will be able to find in this Blog some of our creations during our time in Mozambique and now in Timor-Leste.

All products have a little piece of ourselves but also a bit of all we have lived, seen and experimented so far.

After all, no idea is 100% original.

We accept orders, we share your dreams and, as we believe that the set of products and its variations have no end, we gratefully accept your suggestions. We will put them into practice.

For further information, please refer to the Orders page or contact us through the e-mail anossapraia.mz@gmail.com